I'm sorry, we no longer list example prices here, because every job is very different. Your best option is to call us at 757-690-7627 and describe your problem, and we can give you a price estimate over the phone.

There are five reasons why you should put your faith in us for all of your wildlife control and removal needs. 1. We take great price in being the most successful animal control company in the area. We get to the root of the problem, and then solve it, identifying all and any animal entry points that lead right into your home or building, and sealing each and every one shut. 2. We can usually capture and then take away all wild animals without the need to use harmful or lethal traps, by using exclusion devices and other approaches that get them out of your house, left with absolutely no way of getting back in. 3. We offer very competitive prices compared to those in the area, and we will always discuss the full price with you before staring any work, including giving a ballpark figure or a written estimation. We do charge less than others, but we always provide only the very highest quality removal and control work in the city. 4. We always treat our customers exactly the same way that we ourselves would want to be treated - with both respect and courtesy. 5. We have plenty of experience in the field of wild animal removal and control. Over a decade, to be exact. We are also trained to the latest industry standards, and always carry the latest equipment and gadgetry to make our job easier — and your job cheaper!