Hampton Roads Wildlife and Animal Removal

What do Wildlife Rehabilitators do with Opossums?

Wildlife Rehabilitation centers is common nowadays, because most of them especially babies are left abandoned, sick and sometimes abused by humans. Some people also voluntarily send wild Hampton Roads animals that they found to the Wildlife rehab to home them in a better place. Rehabilitation centers are here to rescue them, give them a chance to live longer in a much safer and stable environment, and most of all to give them the love and care that they truly deserve. But, what do wildlife rehabilitators do to their rescued Virginia opossums? How do they treat and care opossums in their centers? Let's find out.

• Wildlife rehabilitators are trained people to take care and handle wild Hampton Roads animals that the centers have rescued. Expect that a best care is given to the Virginia opossums.
• They feed them with right food and on time. Wildlife rehabs have the proper knowledge about the right food and diet for possums.
• Rehabilitators can do first aids to sick or injured opossums. They are trained people, that's why they can do first aids. In case of serious health problems and injuries, a veterinarian would be there to handle the situations.
• They can monitor and check their opossums in a secured area.
• Monitors opossum's health with veterinarians in their wildlife rehab. Wildlife Rehabilitation centers have their own medical facilities for health monitoring.
• Domesticating them to be a people friendly animal as possible.

Wildlife Rehabilitators also monitors the environment of their Virginia opossums. They make sure that:
• There are plenty of woods wherein they can shelter.
• Removes piles of trashes to prevent them from scavenging.
• Secure the area from unwanted predators in the area.
• Keeping the area clean with proper sanitations.

This rehabilitators have undergone some series of screenings, tests and trainings to make sure that they are mentally, emotionally and physically stable to deal with Hampton Roads animals. They have so much responsibilities, lot of patience, laborious field works to engage with but they are trying their best to give their rescued Virginia animals the care that they deserve. I salute to the wildlife rehabilitators out there who still loves their work despite of the hardships they get for their jobs. We should thank the government and other NGO's who funded this Wildlife Rehab. Without these rehabilitators, many wild animals out there will not be given a chance to have a much better life and environment. I hope they will continue to their good works to our mother nature.

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