How to Keep Squirrels Out Of Your House

Squirrels are beautiful and smart Hampton Roads animals quite entertaining to watch dancing and jumping on the trees, but they can cause serious damage to homes and garden. They can eat up birdseed, growing vegetables and scatter the garbage in the home making everywhere messy and dirty. So, to avoid the nuisance associated with squirrels it is important for you to learn the best way to keep them from trespassing to your home or getting into your attic. Therefore, this article is organized to provide you with humane yet highly effective method of Virginia squirrel control in the home.

Get Rid Of the Squirrel Food Sources
It is important for you to find out the things that are attracting Hampton Roads squirrels into your home or in your garden when you want to keep them out. Having birdseed, growing vegetables and others in your garden can make squirrel to constantly visit your home and cause damages you never expected. More so, remove all kinds of nuts and ensure that you remove acorns that drop nuts and other forms of fruits in your home. More so, make sure that you seal up your trashcan outdoor to prevent squirrel from getting attracted to your Virginia home again.

Provide Your Bird Feeder with Virginia Squirrel Guard
When it comes to eating out of bird feeders, Hampton Roads squirrels are known for their craftiness. They can find the easier and best way to eat up entire birdfeed in your home without your knowledge. So, the best thing you need to do is to make sure that you provide your birdfeeder with squirrel guard. That will keep them from eating out of the feeder making your home unattractive and alluring to them.

Cover Your Garden with Wire Mesh Fence to Keep Squirrel from Visiting Your Home
The truth is that your garden is the main source of attraction to Virginia squirrel due to vegetables, nuts, fruits and other edible substances in it. For that reason, the best thing you need to do is to ensure that you protect your garden with wire mesh fence. Cover not only the sides but also the top of your garden preventing Hampton Roads squirrels from gaining access to your garden.

Make Sure You Keep Inside Attic Clean To Keep Hampton Roads Squirrel from Visiting There
You have to know that squirrels never visit a place without something to eat. For that reason, if you find them going into your attic it is possible that they smell something in there. Therefore, you have to try as much as possible to clean up your attic so as to remove all the things that are attracting squirrel to your Virginia home.

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