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What if a Rat Gets Stuck Inside My House?

In the famous words of Bono, “There's a rat in mi kitchen! What I'm gonna do?”
What happens when these annoying Hampton Roads rodents invade our personal areas of the house? The kitchen, the bedrooms, the living rooms; these are no places for rats! Sometimes you'll glimpse their creepy little snouts poking out from behind your TV stand or climbing on the curtains. Wherever they are, once they've come into plain sight, it's definitely time to take action! Well lucky you, I'm here to tell you what you're “gonna” do! You're going to get that little pest out of there! Here's how, and a little info on why it's so important to get them out immediately.

Why are they so much worse here than in the attic or the basement?
Because they are not very sanitary creatures and they can carry diseases, that's why! They're violent little things! I mean, that might be an exaggeration…they won't like, attack a baby or anything, but they will eat your food!
• As most people know, Virginia rats are skittish little things. They won't show themselves, but when you're snoozing, they will be happy to come mess with your stuff.
• They'll chew on your food, which is one way they spread their potentially fatal diseases.
• They'll chew cords, ruining electronics.
• Contaminate food or other property.

Okay, okay, I get it: They're bad. So how do I get rid of them?
• First off, find out how they're getting in.
o Common places are corner intersections on your roof, ventilation systems being chewed open, and weak spots in the foundation being exploited.
o Seal the entrances off.
o Be sure to check if the pipes are being used by the Hampton Roads rats and place water traps. Be sure to check the traps frequently.
• Set traps such as glue traps, classic snap traps (one of the most humane and effective ways to capture and kill rats/mice) and other traps. Do not use repellents as they rarely work.
• If you see the rat, be careful to not be bitten if you engage it.
o The best way to kill a Virginia rat is with blunt-trauma to the head.

Rodents in your garage or basement or shed is one thing, but having them invade where you hang out and watch movies with the family, eat your dinner, and where your kids sleep is another thing entirely. When this occurs, take care of it ASAP. Use traps and seal off all entrances.

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